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Airbound Trampoline Park will take the headache out of planning your next birthday party. From online printable birthday invitations and follow-up thank you notes, to the food, drinks and fun, WE`VE GOT YOU COVERED!

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Open Jump is just about the most fun you can have without growing wings!

The Ultimate Jumping Experience!

On our large Main Court, bounding and catapulting are common occurrences on the wall-to-wall trampolines. Here, more experienced jumpers will amaze you with their skills and daring.

Are You Competitive? 

Try out the dodgeball court for a jumping version of this favorite game.

Into Basketball?  Great, try out our new Slam Dunk Basketball court for high-flying hoop tricks.

Want to Soar?

Have you ever wished you could fly or jump through the air and have a padded landing, like a stunt man or woman in a movie? Now you can experience that thrill right here in Greensboro at Airbound Trampoline Park! We have the Foam Pit ready and waiting for you to fly, jump or flip, as though you were starring in an action movie! Come in and enjoy the feeling of freedom!

Rock Climbing Anyone?

Our new VERTICAL OPS rock climbing wall is a major hit in our Greensboro location.  Race your friends to the top or take your time and master the wall!

Test Your Balance Skills!

Try to maintain your balance while pushing your opponent off the beam with your padded lance!  Do you have what it takes?

Want to Get Our Some Extra Energy?

Climb into our Human Hamster Balls and play bumper ball in our new Hamster Ball Corral.  You’re in control, each play is 3 minutes long.

***Human Hamster Ball not included in Open Jump Ticket.  Buy Tickets Separately.  Learn More Here

For the Little Ones:

We offer our kid-friendly play area for hours of unique fun with climbing and sliding action.


On select weekend evenings we offer bouncing in the dark! An added dimension of fun for all of the normal activities! This event features jumping with neon/LED lighting, music, glow necklaces and neon t-shirts. Come jump with family and friends, or join the special teen events, and get your dance moves on! It’s a fun way to end the week. Usually held every other weekend from 8 pm to 10 pm; check out our Facebook page for the next After Dark event!

party Dodgeball

Has all that bouncing made you quick on your feet? Find out with a game of dodgeball like you’ve never played before! Come enjoy a game or two in our enclosed bouncing space — perfect for parties, groups of friends, or just letting off some steam. Will it make it harder for you to avoid that ball or give you the edge to stay one step ahead of it? Come find out!

trampoline jump Foam Pit

Feel free to soar, flip or dive right into our foam pit! It’s the perfect area in which to practice all of your moves or to let the kids just bounce around and have a fun time. This area is great for kids of all sizes. It offers the joy of bouncing for children who want to feel the security of jumping into deep piles of foam. They can play hard and still feel comfortable.

Trampoline Basketball Basketball!

How would it feel to make a slam dunk while flying through the air? You can find out, when you visit our unique trampoline-based basketball courts! Join a pick-up game in progress or bring your own team…there’s always a group waiting for a challenge! Develop skills that will improve your game and get a great workout at the same time. You’ll be strengthening muscles and getting your heart rate up, while having a fun game with friends.


Hamster-Ball-Header Hamster Ball

Climb into our life sized soft plastic inflated Human Hamster Balls and get busy. Run, Bounce, Bump in our contained Hamster Ball Corral. This is the ultimate Bumper experience with you in control!   See you there!

***Not include in with Open Jump Ticket.

XBeam Airbound Winston Salem X BEAM

There can only be one king or queen of the beam!  Do you have what it takes?  In the latest Airbound attraction you choose your padded lance and go to battle.  Try to maintain your balance while pushing your opponent off the beam. Try it and see why this is one of our most popular attractions.

Rock Wall Climbing Winston Salem Vertical Ops

You’ve Got This!

Scaling a vertical wall, No Problem.  This new attraction in our Greensboro location is nothing short of Awesome.  Play two ways, either scope it out and take your time climbing to the top or race your friend or another opponent up the wall.  The first one to ring the buzzer at the top wins!

Arcade_Greensboro Arcade

After bouncing for a while, you may want to take a break, grab a snack and enjoy the great selection of coin-op games in our arcade. We always have the latest games to play alone or to challenge friends. You’ll have fun during the break and then you’ll be ready to head back to the main event—bouncing, flying, leaping and jumping in your favorite area.

HomePage_Cards Aircard/Pass

Join our V.I.P AIRCARD program and get savings every time you visit plus other great perks!

If you’re an avid jumper so can SAVE BIG with our discounted jump time using our Pre-Paid PASS

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Attention Guests: As of Monday 3/27/2017, ALL Jumpers must sign a NEW ELECTRONIC WAIVER. For Jumpers under 18 years of age, the new waiver must be signed by their parents/legal guardians in order to jump. We apologize for any inconveniences.